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Our approach is multidisciplinary. We adapt every aspect of your training according to your needs, time and background in order to optimise the overall benefit of your workout.

Motivation is a key factor, if you are not an expert, just trying to know what to do takes  a lot of time. Let our experts guide you and the results will surprise you.

We are all different, our physical features,  background, expectations, etc. They are all different, and so the prescription of our training should be for it to bring results. However, this always sounds good in writing, for us; it is our mission statement.

Of course we start by a comprehensive assessment, as it is the only professional and responsible way to train  somebody.

After we find out what you need, we  make sure things are going as previewed, that is why we  use technology to follow up the intensity and consistency of your training. We have our own customised training portal and mobile app “Engagement Sports

Our approach will very soon make you aware of the aspects that make your training optimal you will learn how to do it correctly on your own. Although you will be so happy that you might stay!

We follow up your progress with our own training portal and mobile App.
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We are prepared to help you adapt a type and amount of exercise that you can incorporate into your daily activities, so that you can be active for the rest of your life.

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